Hotel Policy

Hotel Policies for the Enjoyment of your Stay

By completing your reservation to stay at the Pacific Crest Hotel you electronically agree to our hotel policies contained below. 

To ensure a positive guest experience while staying with us, we ask that you follow the policies listed below. Failure to comply with any of the following by you, other registered or non-registered guest of yours, room occupants, or your invitees, could result in a minimum charge of $250 to your credit card on file and/or the immediate termination of your stay without refund.

Securing a reservation with your valid credit card means you accept the terms and conditions of our Cancellation Policy. 

Lobby Hours:

Check-in time ends and our lobby CLOSES every evening at 9PM. Guest service hours are 8AM-9PM daily. No staff is available after 9PM for any guest services.

Cancellation Policy:

We have a 3 day (72 hour) cancellation policy. You will be charged for any room nights plus tax if you do not cancel before 3 days prior to 3PM on the day of arrival of your reservation.

Activity Not Permitted:

  • Having more than 2 guests/people per QUEEN or KING room. This counts for ALL adults and children. Children of all ages are considered guests. 4 Guests are allowed in our Family/2 queen bed rooms.
  • Any type of smoking or use of candles or incense, in our rooms or on our property is prohibited by policy and by law. (SBMC Title 9.20.030 B)
  • Having pets of any kind on the property (**Service animals under the ADA, as amended, are accepted but must be disclosed upon entering the property to eliminate confusion with staff and other guests.) 
  • Our Hotel is a No Smoking/No Pet hotel. NO Smoking of any kind in the rooms or on the property. NO pets will be allowed. Your card will be charged a minimum of $250 for these violations. 
  • Leaving minors unattended anywhere on the property, including in your room)
  • Disrupting other guests with loud noise, TV, music, disorderly conduct or large groups. The City of Santa Barbara has a strict 10pm noise ordinance (SBMC, Title 9.16) 
  • Cooking, Grilling, barbecuing or creating fire hazards of any kind in the guest room or on-premises of hotel. 
  • Damaging or destroying the guest room or any hotel property and facilities anywhere on the property 
  • Creating or staying in unsanitary conditions (trash, odors, dirty dishes, filth, etc.)

Maximum occupancy varies by room type:

STANDARD ONE (QUEEN or KING) BED: Two people (combination of adults and children)
STANDARD TWO ( QUEEN) BED: Four People (combination of adults and children)

**Children of all ages are considered guests **
Parties of five or more will require two rooms, without exception.
By securing your reservation at the Pacific Crest Hotel you electronically agree to our hotel policies.