Hike the Channel Islands With Island Packers

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Hike the Channal Islands With Island Packer

Hike the Channel Islands With Island Packers

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1691 Spinnaker Drive # 105B
Ventura, CA 93001
Ph: (805) 642-1393
General information: [email protected]
Educational Information for K-12: [email protected]
Group Charters: [email protected]

A Little About Island Packers

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Island Packers was founded by Bill M. Connally, who wanted to provide a means for people to venture out to the Channel Islands. His wife, Lillian Mae, sons Mark, Kirk, and Brad, and daughter, Cherryl, worked hard helping him to fulfill his dream.

For Bill, the islands were a special place; he fell in love with the clear waters , rich marine life and kelp beds surrounding the islands. He yearned to share that passion with the public. He was intrigued by the fact that a person could board a boat in a busy port such as Ventura and in a few hours set foot on an island where there were no hotels, restaurants, autos, or other features of metropolitan life, a place where nature remained dominant.

Over 40 years have passed since the christening of the Island Packer. Many boats have come and gone over the years. Island Packers has grown and it's vessels have become larger, faster and more comfortable than in those early years.

A family run company with a family feel, Island Packers strives to provide a great work environment for its employees. They know happy employees make for happy customers. 

Still actively run by two of Bill’s children and their mother, the company is the authorized concessionaire for transportation to the Channel Islands National Park through 2021.

We hope you come join us as we provide exploration, education, recreation and research for those who are interested in all the things the Channel Islands have to offer.

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