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These policies are intended to provide a pleasant stay for you and your service dog.

Service Dog Policies: Pets are not allowed in the hotel. If you have a pet that is not a service animal, we respectfully request that you honor the good work of service animals by not claiming that your pet is a service animal. (Note: Because of past abuses by some guests and patrons, we want to remind you that California Penal Code Section 365.7 makes it a crime to fraudulently misrepresent a dog as a service animal. Violations of this law are subject to imprisonment and fines up to $1,000.)

1. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

  • A service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability
  • “Companion” and “comfort” dogs are not “service animals” protected by the ADA.
  • We may ask you (1) whether the dog is a service dog required because of a disability, and (2) what work or task the dog has been trained to perform.

2. Service animals must be housebroken.

3. Service animals must never be left unattended in guest rooms.

4. When a service animal is outside of the guest room:

  • It must be under the control of its handler at all times, and
  • It must have a harness, leash, or other tether, unless either the handler is unable because of a disability to use such a device or use of it would interfere with the service animal’s safe, effective performance of work or tasks, in which case the service animal must be otherwise under the handler’s control (e.g., voice control, signals, or other effective means).

5. When a service dog is in a food service area, it must at all times remain on the floor in a location that is out of all paths of travel. It cannot sit in the owner’s lap, on seats, or on any eating surface, and it must not be fed from the table.

6. It is grounds for eviction if a service dog is threatening people, barking, or otherwise out of control and/or creating a disturbance, and the dog’s handler does not take prompt and effective action to control it.

By signing this document, I acknowledge and agree to all of the policies above. I also agree that should any of these policies be violated, I may be subject to immediate eviction without any refund. I further agree to reimburse Pacific Crest Hotel for any damages caused by my service animal. I authorize Pacific Crest Hotel to charge my payment card for any such liability and/or damages, and I acknowledge that I shall in any event remain personally liable for the same.·

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"So glad we stayed at Pacific Crest" ★★★★★ I stayed here with my husband and 10 year old son in August 2017. Our room had modern updates and was clean, light, well ventilated, and quite beautiful. It is obvious that the hotel owners take a lot of pride in the property and in their hospitality. They were super friendly and accommodating and they even provided a small refrigerator for our room after hearing that our son had food allergies. They were also knowledgeable about the area having lots of recommendations for things to do and places to eat. All of this combined with the very short distance to the beach made our stay perfection. Santa Barbara was our favorite part of our vacation largely due to our decision to stay at Pacific Crest. 10/10 would recommend.
Nicole J - Metro Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota